We are Kyle & Noelle. Strange things happen to us.


We have been married for two years (together for four) and we are raising our almost three year old son, Archer, in rural Mississippi. We moved here two years ago from Connecticut and before that we were living in Suffolk, UK.

Since we’ve met a string of wildly unbelievable events have led us to believe that we are here on Earth for something way cooler than working lame office jobs from 9 to 5 every day.

We have been on a metaphysical journey that’s put us in contact with otherworldly beings, extraterrestrial lifeforms, and spirits of all kinds. Do we understand any of this? Absolutely not. Is it terrifying? Sometimes, yes. But it seems that this is our destiny to have these experiences and to allow the Universe to take us for this crazy ride.

This blog is dedicated to sharing our experiences, to start a conversation with any of you out there in the world who are interested, who share our interests or experiences, in hopes that you will contact us.

Thanks for stopping by.


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